5 Things You Should Do To Keep Your Gas Cylinder Safe

Gas cylinders can have an internal pressure of close to 3000 psi. An aerosol can used at home, has an internal pressure of about 80 PSI, yet if punctured can seriously injure people standing around it. You can only imagine the amount of damage that a cylinder can inflict in case of an accident. These accidents usually happen due to poor storage of the cylinders or use of wrong or malfunctioned valve. Good valves are designed by following the proper specifications. In order to ensure safety you need to get a valve with a good regulator assembly.

How it works

In order to understand the importance of getting a good regulator, you need to understand regulator assembly. An orifice is used to measure the operating pressure of the gas. This is the pressure that is going through the pipe. It is important that the right amount of pressure is delivered to the burners in order to ensure the gas is burning properly. The purpose of the orifice is to ensure gas is burning as it should by controlling the pressure coming from the pipes to the cylinders. It is also used to ensure safety.

Right Specifications

The regulator assembly and regulator as a whole must be designed with the right specifications according to the compressed gas association. Propane needs to have a good regulator because it is very flammable. A propane valve cannot be used inter changeably with a natural gas valve, this could be dangerous. The two gases work on very different operating pressures. The valve in a regulator is designed to control the volume of gas that gets onto the burner.

Keeping it Secure

There are a number of things you should do to prevent damaging the cylinder and causing accidents. One of the things is to ensure the gas placed in a secure area. The area should ideally be far away from heat and fire sources as possible. Ensure the room is well ventilated so that the gas does not accumulate around it in case of a leakage. The cylinder should remain upright. You may have to place it on a base or put it in a away that will ensure it does not tip over.

To ensure safety take you time to examine the regulator assembly especially if you use it a lot. Regular inspection can help identify leakages and prevent fires. Always buy burners and their parts from reputable stores and brands to avoid disappointments.